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With LAB, innovation takes centre stage. Our tech gurus are the masterminds behind custom solutions that redefine possibilities. At the heart of LAB's mission is the fusion of technology, design, and strategy to shape the future of digital landscapes. Get ready to turn your boldest digital aspirations into reality. Together, we will craft digital masterpieces that redefine what's possible.

App, software design & development

Pioneering digital experiences that push the boundaries of functionality and aesthetics for your brand.

Data architecture, integration & dashboards

Transforming your data into brand insights that drive informed decisions through seamless integration and immersive dashboards.

Multi-channel e-commerce

Elevating the online shopping experience with solutions that transcend platforms and captivate your customers.

Website design & development

Building your brand an online ecosystem that seamlessly blends form and function, leaving a lasting impact.

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Our Case Studies



Duduu aimed to introduce a unique gifting platform in Malaysia that connected artists and performers with individuals looking to add a personal touch to celebrations. The challenge lay in building a scalable marketplace with fast loading times and a mobile-first user interface to ensure a pleasant user experience. Since this concept was novel to the local market, the task was to create a platform that could accommodate various talents while being user-friendly and efficient.


We delved into Duduu's requirements and meticulously researched multiple potential technology stacks to identify the best fit for Duduu's needs. After careful evaluation, we custom-built the entire marketplace engine, incorporating crucial modules like user and product management, search functionality, talent profile pages, rating and review systems, payment gateways, escrow services, and media compression. This bespoke approach ensured flexibility for different talents while delivering a seamless user experience.


Our innovative optimisation techniques resulted in a comprehensive system that maintained blazing-fast performance even as Duduu's business expanded with more talents and customers. The beta version of Duduu launched successfully, enabling the client to operate smoothly with most processes automated by the platform. Duduu achieved high rankings in page loading speed, SEO optimisation, and mobile usability, marking its launch as a success and establishing it as a go-to platform for personalised gifting experiences in Malaysia.



Propverse aimed to introduce a unique twist to the traditional property listing platform by incorporating feng shui attributes. However, this required building the platform from scratch due to its customised requirements, including the implementation of a feng shui matching engine. Additionally, the platform needed to support both recurring and one-off payment options, presenting a significant technical challenge.


We rose to the challenge by developing a customised solution tailored to Propverse's needs. We automated the feng shui matching process, allowing the system to match properties based on specific parameters. Moreover, the team designed and implemented a user-friendly backend interface for managing feng shui and property listing information efficiently. Their technical expertise and innovative approach enabled the successful launch of the website, fulfilling Propverse's vision of offering a unique feng shui-centric property listing platform.


Following the website's launch, Propverse witnessed encouraging adoption among property developers, thanks to its distinctive feng shui-focused approach to selling properties. The platform's success prompted further enhancements, adding value for both the client and their customers. As a result, Propverse became the first-of-its-kind platform to integrate feng shui principles into property listings, pioneering a new approach in the real estate industry.

Sime Darby Plantation


Sime Darby Plantation, one of the world's largest producers of sustainable palm oil, needed a system that could track all contractual obligations, deliveries, perform billing and generate reports to support their trading activities. This is where we came in.


We collaborated closely with stakeholders to understand business intricacies. Through agile methodology and continuous feedback, we designed a flexible, user-friendly system tailored to Sime Darby Plantation’s needs.


We transformed Sime Darby Plantation’s trading operations, implementing a robust enterprise system across six countries. Handling trades exceeding US$6 billion, the system boasts uninterrupted performance, delighting users with its intuitive interface. This successful transformation has significantly boosted efficiency and productivity company-wide.

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