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Our Content team are experts in creating and enhancing any brand's presence in today's dynamic landscape. With a wide-ranging scope of expertise, we will offer a holistic approach to bolster your brand's visibility and resonance. With us by your side, your brand will not only thrive but also command the attention it deserves in today's competitive landscape. Let's create a winning strategy together.

Social Media strategy & management

Crafting compelling content that effectively conveys your brand's message across diverse social media platforms, engaging your audience, and driving impact.

SEO services & integration

Leveraging our SEO prowess, we ensure your brand shines at the top of search results, maximising your online visibility.


PR strategy, servicing & management

Managing your PR affairs, ensuring a positive and enduring representation of your brand.

Campaign management

Oversee and execute campaigns, guaranteeing that your target audience is well-informed and engaged.

Influencer Strategy & management

Connecting you with the most influential voices aligned with your brand or campaign objectives.

Billboard production & management

From design to placement, we create attention-grabbing billboards that leave a lasting brand impression.

Third-party partnerships

Facilitating mutually beneficial connections between brands, forging profitable relationships that lead to success.

Event planning & management

Meticulously plan and execute events that align with your brand or campaign goals, spreading awareness effectively.

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Our Case Studies



Faber-Castell faced pandemic-induced hurdles during the crucial back-to-school season, with shifts towards online shopping and concerns about product prices. Despite being a stalwart in the industry, the brand needed to address these uncertainties and enhance purchase intent.


We devised a comprehensive Back To School Campaign, aiming to guide potential customers from awareness to purchase. We focused on visually captivating content and video ads that highlighted product diversity and unique selling points. The campaign specifically targeted parents, students, and teachers interested in stationery, effectively leveraging social media and other digital platforms.


The campaign yielded impressive outcomes, including RM40,000 in sales and a notable 1.36x return on ad spend (ROAS). It also garnered significant reach, accumulating 19.8 million impressions and 28.8 thousand clicks. Faber-Castell's enduring trust in us has resulted in a three-year-long partnership founded on innovation and tangible results.

Langkawi City


Langkawi City faced significant challenges due to the global pandemic, which disrupted the construction timeline of Maha Tower, leaving it unfinished and lacking public anticipation. The half-built tower posed a considerable setback to Langkawi City's ambitious project and its goal of becoming a legendary landmark.


We crafted a comprehensive strategy to transform Langkawi City's social media profiles into informative Langkawi island guides, providing updates on Maha Tower's progress and highlighting the city's attractions. We implemented various services, including social media strategy, billboard production, performance marketing, and facilitating the tower's launch. Through captivating visuals, videos, and printed materials, Skribble successfully drew attention to Maha Tower and Langkawi City, generating anticipation for its eventual unveiling.


There was a staggering 5,427% overall reach increase, demonstrating the effectiveness of the campaign in capturing public interest. Langkawi City gained over 3,000 followers upon the tower's launch, indicating significant engagement with the campaign. Moreover, there was a notable 42% surge in engagement across social media platforms. Today, Maha Tower has become one of Langkawi's must-visit attractions, marking the success of Skribble's partnership with Langkawi City over three years, which has strengthened trust and collaborative success between the two entities.

Holiday Tours & Travel


Holiday Tours & Travel Malaysia (HTT) faced the challenge of enhancing its online presence amid changing consumer behaviours and increasing competition in the travel industry. As a well-established agency, HTT sought a partner capable of meeting its diverse content needs while maintaining its brand identity and engaging its target audience effectively.


We provided a comprehensive solution through copywriting and creative services tailored to HTT's requirements. We crafted engaging content for various channels including social media, email marketing campaigns (EDMs), SEO copywriting, and website content. We helped HTT align their brand narrative with bespoke content strategies, ensuring that each piece resonated with the audience. We took it further and optimised HTT's website content and employed SEO to improve its visibility online.


Our holistic approach resulted in tangible improvements for HTT. The agency experienced enhanced online visibility, increased audience engagement, and strengthened trust in the partnership. Through captivating LinkedIn posts, compelling EDMs, and SEO-optimised content, HTT's online presence flourished. Skribble's efforts showcased HTT's story to a wider audience, establishing the agency as a prominent voice in the travel industry and driving growth in brand recognition and customer engagement.

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