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Our Digital Marketing team is not just a service provider; we are your digital allies, ready to propel your brand to unmatched online success. With our expertise and passion for excellence, a comprehensive suite of services will be offered, ensuring your brand's digital footprint stands out amidst the noise. Partner with us to embark on a journey towards digital excellence and unrivaled success.

Performance marketing & management

Driving results for your brand through targeted and effective performance marketing campaigns.

Analytics & data analysis

Our data-driven approach ensures that every decision is rooted in valuable insights.

Campaign strategising & optimisation

Crafting and fine-tuning campaign strategies to maximise impact and return on investment for your brand.

Multi-channel paid advertising

Leveraging on various channels to reach your audience effectively and efficiently.

GA4 implementation

Implementing the cutting-edge Google Analytics 4 for your brand, to gain deeper insights into user behaviour.

Website optimisation & reporting

Optimising your website for conversions and providing detailed reporting for informed decisions.

E-commerce performance marketing

Excel in boosting your e-commerce performance, driving sales and growth for your brand.

Google business profile optimisation

Enhancing your Google Business Profile to improve local visibility and engagement.


Ensuring your brand is discoverable and prominent in search engine results.

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Our Case Studies

Sunway Property


Sunway Property faced hurdles in enhancing bookings and campaign awareness amidst constrained marketing budgets and escalating interest rates. The traditional methods were proving insufficient for adapting to changing consumer behaviours, especially with the shift towards online platforms. This necessitated a comprehensive strategy to rejuvenate their Sunway Signature Series campaign and overcome these obstacles.


We strategically integrated offline and online efforts, deploying 50 attention-grabbing yellow billboards across the Klang Valley while optimising digital keywords for enhanced visibility. Real-time heatmaps were deployed to track website performance, enabling immediate adjustments for an optimal user experience. Additionally, unique Geo IP targeting delivered personalised content, driving higher user engagement and conversion rates. QR codes facilitated seamless offline-to-online interactions, further enhancing campaign connectivity and effectiveness.


Sunway Property witnessed 31 bookings amounting to over RM25 million in value, indicating a substantial return on investment. The campaign's effectiveness surged by 68.68%, while the cost per booking decreased by an impressive 72.67%. Furthermore, the campaign generated 3,832 leads, underscoring its success in reaching and engaging the target audience. These results demonstrated the campaign's exceptional reach and effective lead generation, positioning it as a noteworthy success story for Sunway Property.

Sugar & I


Sugar & I faced the challenge of enhancing its online presence and increasing sales amid changing consumer behaviours and price concerns during the pandemic. As a confectionery venture established in 2018, Sugar & I sought to adapt to the shift towards online shopping while addressing parental apprehensions about product prices.


We conducted a thorough audit of Sugar & I's e-commerce platform, StoreHub, enhancing product details and refining sales analytics. Implementing advanced techniques, such as a Chinese New Year campaign with conversion ad objectives, Facebook pixel integration, and dynamic ad retargeting, we maximised Sugar & I's online visibility and engagement. Additionally, a Ramadan campaign featuring customer video reviews and special promotions was coupled with a traffic campaign to recruit brand agents, expanding Sugar & I's reach and sales potential.


Sugar & I achieved a staggering 1,540% return on ad spend, tripled their purchases, and generated an additional RM25,000 in revenue. With a click-through rate (CTR) of 3.16% and a low cost per purchase of just RM1.73, Sugar & I experienced a significant conversion value amounting to RM21,000. Our team’s digital expertise not only propelled Sugar & I to unprecedented success but also demonstrated the transformative impact of strategic digital marketing.

Rakuten Trade


Rakuten Trade faced the challenge of increasing new user acquisition and trading volume while navigating the digital landscape of Facebook and Instagram advertising. They aimed to measure the impact of their ad spend on conversion rates amidst changing user behaviours and competitive pressures in the online equities brokerage industry.


We devised a comprehensive strategy and executed two parallel campaigns targeting new users and existing traders, leveraging audience segmentation and strategic messaging. By utilising digital platforms like Facebook and Google SEMs, we optimised ad placements and messaging to resonate with Rakuten Trade's target audience.


Rakuten Trade experienced a 2X increase in registrations, demonstrating the effectiveness of the campaigns in driving new user acquisition. The acquisition costs were significantly reduced, leading to improved ROI on ad spend. Moreover, the campaigns generated a surge in clicks and engagement, indicating enhanced user interest and interaction. Most notably, there was a remarkable 110% growth in month-to-month conversion, highlighting the success of the partnership between Rakuten Trade and Skribble's Digital Marketing team.

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