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Online graphic design

Transcending concepts into captivating visuals that resonate with your audience.

Below the line development

Crafting offline materials that make a tangible impact on your brand.

& prototyping

Shaping narratives and transforming ideas into interactive prototypes that captivate your brand.

Video production
& development

Creating compelling video content that tells your brand's story with captivating finesse.

& picture editing

Capturing moments and elevating visuals to perfection.

Website UI/UX

Designing seamless and visually stunning user interfaces that enhance your brand’s user experience.

Brand design UI/UX

Forging a unique brand identity that sets you apart from the competition.


Breathing life and motion into your content, making it engaging, memorable, and dynamic.

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Our Case Studies

Felda Global Ventures Plantations (FGV)


FGV faced a challenge in being recognised not only as a major player in the global palm oil industry but also as the producer of popular household brands like SAJI, ADELA, SERI PELANGI, GULA PRAI, and LADANG’57. Despite its prominence in the industry, many Malaysians were unaware of the connection between these brands and FGV. The challenge was to bridge this gap in awareness and establish a connection with Malaysian consumers.


We devised a strategic approach to connect FGV with the Malaysian audience. Recognising the importance of visual communication, we leveraged high-traffic spaces in train stations to showcase FGV's brands. Through eye-catching designs, including escalator wraps, light boxes, pillars, railings, and even tracks, we wanted to grab the attention of commuters passing through train stations. The designs were carefully crafted to feature humanised visuals, depicting Malaysians enjoying the local brands under FGV. Additionally, a close-to-home tagline, “Jenama Malaysia, Kebangaan Kita” (Malaysian Brands, Our Pride), was introduced to evoke a sense of national pride and educate the public about FGV's role as the producer of these brands.


This collaboration successfully increased awareness among commuters about FGV's diverse range of products and strengthened the connection between the brands and the company. The campaign enhanced brand recognition and educated Malaysians about FGV's involvement, fulfilling the company's objectives of establishing a stronger presence in the consumer market.

Jiangling Motors Corporation Limited (JMC)


JMC faced the challenge of entering the Malaysian market with their Vigus Pro pickup truck without established brand trust. Malaysians were unfamiliar with JMC as a reliable brand, making it difficult to position the Vigus Pro as a top choice in the competitive automotive industry.


We crafted a visual identity for the Vigus Pro that reflected its rugged and powerful characteristics. We also created a range of materials for the launch, including digital visuals, social media creatives, and brochure designs. This comprehensive approach aimed to introduce the Vigus Pro as the beast of a pickup truck that JMC envisioned, establishing a strong brand presence in the Malaysian market.


Within the first month of the Vigus Pro’s launch, the campaign garnered an impressive 70k reach across all social platforms and generated 500 quality leads. Subsequently, JMC entrusted us with their festive campaigns, which further strengthened their brand presence and boosted sales. Today, JMC and the Vigus Pro enjoy widespread recognition within the automotive industry in Malaysia, paving the way for continued growth and success.

A3 Capital Singapore


A3 Capital, a leading real estate investment platform in Singapore, possessed superior origination and execution capabilities but struggled to convey its reputation effectively through its branding. Despite handling significant portfolios, their branding did not reflect the level of professionalism they desired. Consequently, they sought assistance in refining their brand image through a comprehensive branding exercise.


We embarked on a website redesign project aimed at revitalising A3 Capital's online presence by focusing on creating a cleaner, more reputable, and professional website that would instill trust. We also reorganised the website's content and tabs to ensure a seamless and aesthetically pleasing user experience. Additionally, we revamped A3 Capital's presentation deck, providing multiple templates that aligned with the website's design ethos. These templates not only maintained consistency in branding but also enhanced the overall professionalism of A3 Capital's presentations.


A3 Capital's revamped website and presentation materials helped establish a stronger brand identity and credibility in the real estate investment market. The refined branding elements enabled A3 Capital to convey its expertise and professionalism more effectively to clients. As a result, A3 Capital experienced increased attention and trust from clients, ultimately enhancing their market reputation and international satisfaction levels. Skribble's design capabilities not only met A3 Capital's expectations but also elevated their brand presence to an international standard.

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