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Our Case Studies

NatureMax Flourish


We partnered with NMF to address the challenges hindering their sustainability and continued success. These challenges encompassed a range of issues, including freight charges, employee performance, stagnant revenue, rising debts, and uncertainties surrounding NMF's future in the industry.


We took a strategic and systematic approach, conducting thorough gap analysis to identify the root causes of the challenges NMF faced. This analysis involved close collaboration with NMF, including on-site observations to delve into the core issues within the company. The identified issues were categorised into four key areas: operations, finance, sales, and product.


Streamlined processes led to improved operational efficiency, while financial improvements helped alleviate rising debts and stagnant revenue. Enhanced sales strategies contributed to increased sales effectiveness, driving revenue growth. Moreover, the reduction in wastage demonstrated NMF's commitment to sustainability, showcasing the tangible impact of Skribble's partnership with NMF in driving positive change and sustainable growth in the floral market.

Bank Negara Malaysia


We partnered with BNM's HR department, Jalinan Modal Insan (JMI), to address communication challenges within the HR divisions. These challenges stemmed from inconsistencies in communication deliverables, with each division using its preferred visuals, templates, and identity personas. These disparities led to low response rates from employees, highlighting the need for a standardised approach to communication.


We conducted a two-day workshop for BNM's HR management team to address communication issues. The workshop incorporated group discussions, a Lego-building activity to illustrate communication lapses, and the exploration of visual identities and creative personas to foster authentic and approachable communication. This immersive approach aimed to reinforce the idea that communication is essential for success and is a dynamic and ever-evolving entity.


The workshop received positive feedback from participants who felt empowered to identify and address challenges within JMI systematically. Armed with the ability to discern specific issues, participants were better equipped to proactively tackle problems and enhance JMI's operations, ultimately improving communication and team cohesion within BNM's HR department.

Tenaga Nasional Berhad


We provided services to Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) in the domain of Communication Asset Management. TNB, a leading utility provider, sought assistance in improving its communication infrastructure to align with the Smart Utilities 2025 agenda as they ventured into the digital era of the Internet of Things (IoT).


We then employed a comprehensive approach to address the challenges and objectives set forth by TNB. We conducted a series of activities, including a business process workshop to identify current processes and gaps, extensive technology and benchmarking research, stakeholder engagement and validation of proposals, and the development of a strategic framework, procedures, and guidelines. These efforts were aimed at formulating a sustainable management plan for TNB's growing class of communication assets.


The collaborative efforts and strategic initiatives yielded significant results for TNB. The challenges identified, such as technology stability, reliability of external technology, scalability, and more, were effectively addressed through the implementation of the Communications Asset Management Framework and Strategic Plan. Additionally, TNB received Communications Asset Management Procedures and Guidelines as well as a Benchmarking Report, providing them with a reference for communication asset lifecycle management. These outcomes not only resolved existing challenges but also positioned TNB to confidently embrace the future of smart utilities, ensuring sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

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